Why we love... The coastal feel!

Why we love...

The Coastal Feel!

What better feeling is there than being by the seaside? Still thinking? That’s okay, we’ll wait! We know there’s not really anything better than the cosy, coastal look to furnish your home, and with some of our new stock, you can style any room to give it that coastal feel.

When we think of coastal, the first colours that pop into our head are soft linens and muted blues or greens, like this blue stripe throw. The ‘Simply’ collection taps into these coastal tones, and even better still, most of their designs are made from recycled materials, like these gorgeous floor cushions! If these aren’t making you want to run to the beach, then I don’t know what will.

Simply provide a great range for those who want to style their home in a more environmentally friendly and economic way, but for a touch of luxury the Sami hand tufted rug from Villa Nova provides not only quality and comfort with its 100% wool rug, but also a muted linen tone resembling the look of the sand as the waves crash against it.

If you aren’t ready to go all out with room decoration then we have a new range of home accessories in stock, including some vintage style natural placemats which will make your dining area feel like a beach hut!

You can shop our full range of homeware or break down your search using our ‘By Room’ category where you should find more than enough inspiration to get you started.

We offer a full interior and architectural design service so if you’re looking for more than just online shopping, get in touch with us today (and we can bring your coastal dreams to life – even if that means helping you house hunt for some seaside serenity!)