Karndean Tackifier Information


Karndean Tackifier

Slip-resistant and tackifying dispersion for loose-laid textile flooring in sheet and tile

Description: Special dispersion adhesive for use as a slip-resistant and tackifier coating on substrates prior to laying Karndean LooseLay. Suitable for use on access flooring and raised flooring panels. Karndean LooseLay can be easily removed and can be re-laid. For interior use only.

Suitable for/on:
- All level and smooth surfaces that have low or no absorbency, e.g. screeds, concrete, aluminium, plywood, existing linoleum or PVC coverings, etc.
- Access panels and raised floor systems
- Access panels and raised floor systems on which a secure fit is required, but where the covering must be easy to remove or change
- Warm water underfloor heating systems, exposure to castor wheels in accordance with DIN 68131 and spray-extraction cleaning systems

On absorbent and/or uneven surfaces, apply primer and, if necessary, levelling compound.

Product Properties/Benefits:
Ready to use, water-based dispersion adhesive. Thin consistency for roller application. Dries to a transparent, pressure sensitive adhesive layer on which Karndean LooseLay is prevented from slipping or moving.
Binding agent: Modified polyvinylacrylate copolymers.
- Very economical consumption
- Rapid drying
- Prevents slipping and movement of the covering
- Covering is easy to remove and re-lay
- Antistatic
- Solvent-free
- EMICODE EC 1 PLUS/very low emission PLUS

Technical Data: Packaging: Plastic container
Pack Size: 5kg
Shelf Life: Min. 12 months
Working Temperature: Min. 15°C/59°F at floor level
Coverage: 50-100m2
Drying Time: 30-60 minutes* See “Application”
*At 20°C and 60% relative humidity.

Substrate Preparation:
The substrate must be level, sound, free from cracks, dry, clean and free from materials that would impair adhesion. The surface should be as smooth as possible and have only very slight absorbency.
If necessary, apply a smoothing compound or thin primer-coat.
Cement and calcium sulphate screeds must be abraded, primed with a suitable primer and vacuumed.
Thoroughly vacuum off all loose material and dust.
Test the subfloor in accordance with BS8203-4:2001 Installation of resilient floor coverings.
On existing, well-bonded floor finishes or similar, remove all traces of wax and maintenance product residues and rinse very thoroughly with clean water.
On non-absorbent or moisture-sensitive surfaces, such as mastic asphalt, calcium sulphate or magnesia screeds, or existing surfaces, apply smoothing compound to a minimum thickness of 2mm.
Always allow primers and smoothing compounds to dry thoroughly. 

1. Shake the container, and then apply evenly to the surface using a foam roller avoid pooling. Under no circumstances allow into the joints in access flooring as there is the risk of bonding the panels. If necessary, seal the joints with masking tape or leave a gap at the panel edges.
2. Allow to dry for 30 – 60 minutes, according to substrate type and climatic conditions, until completely transparent. Too thick an application or insufficient drying can lead to unwanted bonding of the textile floor covering.
3. Remove adhesive contamination with water whilst still fresh.

Important Notes:
- Shelf-life minimum 12 months in original packaging when stored in relatively cool conditions. Protect from frost. Tightly re-seal opened containers and use the contents as quickly as possible.
- Optimum working conditions are 18 - 26°C/64 - 79°F, floor temperature above 15°C/59°F, relative humidity below 75%. Low temperatures and high humidity lengthen, high temperatures and low humidity shorten the drying time.
- Absorbent surfaces including those prepared with absorbent levelling compounds, “suck in” the thin dispersion and reduce the anti-slip effect. Therefore, before application, treat absorbent surfaces with a suitable primer and allow to dry.
- Bonds extremely well to the surface. Old floor finishes can no longer be restored to their original condition.
- Access flooring panels must be well secured and must not rock or make noise when walked upon. When applying on access flooring panels, material can flow into the joints with the risk of panel bonding. Tape over the joints or leave a gap at panel edges.

Protection of the Workplace and the Environment:
Solvent-free. Non-flammable. During application, the use of barrier cream and ventilation of the work area are recommended.
EMICODE EC 1 PLUS – very low emission PLUS – tested and classified in accordance with GEV regulations. Within the scope of current knowledge, gives off no emissions of formaldehyde, hazardous material or volatile organic compounds (VOC). When fully dried, has a neutral odour and is ecologically and physiologically harmless.


Do not allow dispersal into drains, sewers or ground. Empty, scraped and drip-free plastic containers are recyclable. Containers with liquid residue, as well as the liquid product, as classed as Special Waste. Dried product residues are classed as Construction Waste.

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